B-CC Tattler Staff and Bios:

Editor in Chief:


Nikki Mirala- Suffers from clinical migraines and One Direction infection.


Kate FitzGerald- Bethesda Elementary Class of 2015, lactose intolerant.

Carmen Lopez-Fernandez- Can’t recall the last time my articles were published.

Mimi Danzis- Tattler’s favorite nepotism baby.

Sammy Schuchman- Can drop 40 on any given day, has often been referred to as eerily similar to a young Lebron James.

Karenna Barmada- Has more names than there are editors in chief. Terrified of freshman.

Quarterly Magazine Editors: 

Hannah Gandal- Powerful writer and editor, not to be confused with the wizard from The Lord Of The Rings.

Elyas Laubach- Arguably the best to ever edit.

Business Managers:

Liza Cichy- Thing 1. Proud creator of the TattlerMobile.

Ruby Buczkowski- Thing 2. Strengths include soliciting Bethesda restaurants during 4th period to give the Tattler money.

Social Media Editors:

Kieran Fitzgerald: The other social media editor that is going to play a sport at Denison.

Grayson O’Marra- I like to go on walks to get snacks.

Maya Cynkin- Chronically late, legally blind, eternally a procrastinator.

Feature Editors:

Olivia Bresnicky- 1530 SAT score.

Aiden Franze- It’s true, I’m on varsity cross country.

News Editors:

Hannah Troubh- Buys plants, can't keep them alive, buys more. Attends doctor’s appointments during Spanish class. 

Cora Hafer- Fierce advocate for Taylor Swift.

Bennett Galper- My accomplishments include receiving participation trophies in rec basketball from 2011 to ‘16, and I went to Hebrew school with Michael Shapiro.


Sports Editors: 

Paul Fine- Part time writer, full time baller. Snubbed for 3rd grade class clown award.

Lola Nordlinger- Literally an Emmy winner.

Andrew Lebowitz- Most Intelligent, handsome and passionate editor for the tattler.

Gus Dupin- BCC’s most handsome ever Dupin.

Newsletter Editors:

Jonah Pachman- Shoe Salesman, Giants fan, likes pasta.

Micah Schuchman- 2021 Best Schuchman Twin Runner-Up.

Art Editors:

Jack Clauss- Enjoys long walks on the beach and once received the “Jesus Sandals” paper plate award.

Sydney Theis- IU Graduate (InDesign University), 2019 Brick Wall Award Winner.

Nina Pollak- Mediocre artist, sometimes plays soccer, enjoys sandwiches.

Style Editor:

Carmen Torrecilla- Favorites: flannel sweats and fuzzy socks. Style editor minus the style.

Lily Capizzi- You might know my older sisters.

Olivia Romano- Devoted Bubble tea drinker, Studio Ghibli lover.

Gabe Gebrekristose (Writer)- Bladee enjoyer, Arc’teryx wearer, has been confused with Kelly Oubre many times. 

Countywide Magazine Editors:

Aaron Tiao- The forgotten Tiao brother.

Michael Shapiro- Some have named me a generational talent, others named me the greatest to ever do it, and my parents named me Michael.



Opinion Editors:

Nathaniel Schrader- Writer, somewhat athletic, likes trader joe's peanut butter cups.

Josh Garber (Writer)- Sneaky athletic, plays the game the right way, Tom McDonald enthusiast.

Jack Doyle- Some know me as Mr. Groove. I enjoy editing articles and a nice bag of bugles.

Katherine Jones (Writer)- Never took Journalism. Don’t tell Lopilato.

Multimedia Editors:

Rebecca Lewis- Caffeine addict, bagel enthusiast.

Lola Nordlinger- Literally an Emmy winner.