2022 State Legislative Sessions Surpass 2021’s Record of Abortion Restrictions

In 2021, an alarming record of one hundred and eight abortion restrictions were enacted in nineteen different states. With Roe v. Wade prevalent in the Supreme Court discussions now, the increasing amount of restrictions popping up could turn the tide on abortion access across the nation.

The state legislative sessions, beginning in January 2022, have introduced five hundred and twenty-five restrictions in roughly forty-one states, of which, only eight have been passed The breakdown is as follows: Idaho with one, Indiana with two, South Dakota with four, and Wyoming with one. A new trend is coming into visibility in the government’s involvement with sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The sheer number of the abortion restrictions is not the only problem, however. Representatives are introducing more outlandish bills to draw the media’s attention away from the bills that will most likely become law, and therefore, do the most damage. The key state responsible for this strategy is Texas, a state that has introduced radical bills like prohibiting people seeking abortions from leaving their home state to distract from the detrimental bills, such as one that bans aborting pregnancies past 6 weeks, which has already been enacted in Texas.

“It is mind-boggling how far some policy makers will go to control women’s reproductive rights,” says one BCC student, who has emphasized her fear for the coming future of anti-abortion. “I don’t want to raise a child before I am ready. How is that fair to the child either?”