B-CC Pre Game Rituals

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

By Greta Farkas and Lane Lieberman

Over the last three years, B-CC sports teams have not had a home game in the Baron dome. With no home field to play on until this year, teams have looked to regain the home atmosphere in something else: pre-game rituals. As our teams have traveled to the ends of Montgomery County and back, they could always count on their team traditions to make them feel at home. Some of these routines have stayed the same while other teams have developed new routines throughout every season.

Field Hockey is one of the few teams whose routines have survived the test of time and change of scenery. Before each game, the team huddles up and performs “take ‘em down. We all hold our sticks in the air, then take turns throwing them onto the ground all while screaming,” said senior Maggie Lucas. Along with ‘‘take ‘em down”, Lucas says that “the starters circle up for ‘the flower,” quietly chanting “I believe in you, I believe in me, I believe in us.”

The Girls Soccer Team has kept a different kind of tradition over the years. Senior Samaya Bernado explains that that the girls varsity soccer team “always scream[s] the ‘oh’ during the National Anthem. Right before we start the game,” Bernardo added, “all the starters kick our feet in our huddle before running out onto the field.”

Unlike the Girls’ Soccer team, who has practiced the same pre-game rituals for years, the Boys team changes it up depending on the game. “The starting 11 always huddles up to get hyped to the game, but it’s different each time. We don’t really have a ‘ritual’ for each game,'' says Senior Cooper Clendenin.

The Varsity Girls Volleyball Team has developed some unique pre-game rituals highlighting the bond and connection the team has. Senior Emma Gold shares that they “sometimes does team yoga” which is a fun way to recover and create new friendships and connections within the team. In addition to pre-game activities, Emma Gold explains that junior “Julia Chotiner has a lucky shirt that we keep on the bench, come together and talk as a team.”

These rituals, each one different from the other, have proven to work well, helping each team find their groove and demonstrate their abilities on our new field this fall. After years of keeping old traditions and creating new ones on other fields around the county, our sports teams finally have the chance to bring them home.