B-CC Rock Landmark Changed Unexpectedly

By: Brooke Morgan, Claire Wang, Luna Nash, Mia Garrett

The Rock that sits outside the driveway leading to the bus loop from East-West Highway was unexpectedly repainted this week. Students on June 9th noticed the rock, formerly adorned with BLM symbols and slogans, was repainted completely white, with red phallic symbols all over it. Again at lunch, it was covered in a solid yellow coat of paint, presumably the rushed result of someone attempting to cover up the phallic symbols.

The rock has been a classic symbol of the B-CC community for decades. Its origins have faded into the history of the school, but the designs through the years change depending on the wants of those at the school. The rock is not administered by anyone centrally, seeming to be more of a free-for-all for anyone who wants to make their mark on B-CC’s history.