B-CC Students Create 'Social Distancing TV'

By Lilly Behbehani

Since the closure of Montgomery County Schools, a group of B-CC students have created Social Distancing TV, SDTV, a show that airs on Montgomery County’s TV network. SDTV segments open with current events which are followed by different unique videos like how to do trick shots, science lessons, things to bake, and more.

“SDTV is a TV network… that is meant for all in MCPS to share. It is an outlet for students to express themselves, and something entering for people to watch to help people cope with anxieties they might be feeling during this time,” said Elena Pittman, junior at B-CC and anchor of SDTV.

All episodes are created with respect to new Maryland laws and Coronavirus prevention practices. The anchors open the episodes in their own homes yet their segment flows seamlessly. The cast includes students who work as Graphic Designers, Editors, Content Creators, Producers, Anchors, and more, many of which spend up to five hours daily working on the show to make sure the episode is ready for the air.

“If I were to describe the show and the student producers and journalists on the show in one word, I would say Incredible. It's incredible. To develop a show twice a week and [actually] do it, from scratch to a full 15, 20, sometimes 25 minutes of original content that's topical, that's informational and sometimes even entertaining and in a thoughtful way is pretty incredible,” said Dick Lipsky, TV Supervisor for Montgomery County TV.

As SDTV grows, so does the cast. The cast was originally made up of students from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School but has now grown to include content from Walter Johnson, Sherwood, Blair, and Springbrook High School students.

Griffin Boswell, Producer of SDTV, said, “It's a stance, or a foothold for teens to rally around. It's our way of saying ‘even when we're stuck at home, we can do all this stuff!’ I want people to watch and feel the urge to contribute, and make their presence known in a time where that can be hard.”

The show airs every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM on channel 34 for Comcast and 36 for Verizon. It is also available on the MCPSTV and SDTV YouTube channels.