County Executive Elrich Hints at Possible Weed Legalization, Cites Economic Benefits

By Jason Grayer

At a recent forum at Montgomery Blair High School, County Executive Marc Elrich, a progressive, hinted at a possible education plan that would involve the legalization of marijuana, which he claims could raise up to $4 billion through tax revenue.

According to Elrich, the revenue generated would go towards Kirwan Commission’s recommendations, which aim to expand access to early childhood education and career and technical education courses and increase teacher salaries.

Elrich’s plan would federalize Marijuana dispensaries in the same format that the county federalizes liquor stores. Montgomery County is known as a “control state,” which means liquor sales and distribution are controlled and regulated through the county’s Alcohol Beverage Services department. It’s unclear whether the marajuana dispensaries would do business through the current Alcohol Beverage Services department, or if there will be a new additional Marijuana Services department as well.

When asked about the possible legislation, a B-CC Senior noted that although he is in favor of marajuana legalization, MCPS, “doesn’t need any more money.” He continued by saying, “Do you see our walls crumbling, do we have water? I think we’re fine.”

B-CC Senior Eli Davis thinks the legislation is a “good idea,” and when asked if marajuana should be legal in MOCO, he responded simply, “Of course.”

It seems most of the student body is behind the legislation, but Elrich has a tough road ahead to turn his plan into action, especially because the plan has to get past Republican Governor Larry Hogan's desk. Hogan is an outspoken opponent of the Kirwan plan and Marijuana legalization as well. There is sure to be a legislative battle in the coming months, and B-CC students should be aware, because this plan can have a direct effect on us in the future.