Deadly Heat Wave in Store for the Southwest

As of this week, and moving forward into the weekend, record breaking temperatures are moving across the country. 30 million people are currently under high heat alerts and more than 50 pre existing temperature records are expected to be broken. Moving through Texas and across the west into California, the high pressure environment has created a ‘heat dome’ which traps any escaping heat radiation and sends it back to the ground.

Citizens are advised to participate in heat safety, and not spend prolonged periods outside. The heat dome in addition to the already existing drought that’s plagued the west- makes this heat wave undeniably deadly. As symptoms of the growing climate crisis begin to creep in, Americans are left in fear and disarray. Growing weather changes, bring the question, how did we let ourselves create a monster we may no longer be able to control?

Scientists sound the alarm for power grids attesting they are not built to withstand these dramatic increases in temperature and need for power. Things get grimer by the second.