Death of Man Shot in NY Subway Unprovoked

By: Rae Hutko, Alessandra Faccone, Riley Nee

Daniel Enriquez was shot on Sunday morning, in New York subway. A Q train travelling over Manhattan bridge, during the late morning was crowded with tourists and brunch-goers; as the shooting occured. Witnesses described the assailant pacing the last car, before pulling a gun and firing at close range.

No more than a month after the last shooting on an NY subway, the fatal shooting of Enriquez, Goldman Sachs employee, becomes all the more disturbing.

Enriquez was transported to the hospital shortly after the shooting, where he reportedly died. The man responsible for this crime is still at-large. Police are still looking into connections between suspect and the victim. The attack was yet another in a series of random and seemingly unprovoked instance of gun violence.

Occurrences of shootings in the NY subway are becoming unnervingly regular. Putting New Yorkers in a state of insecurity, and instilling fear of Last month’s shooting had shot 10 people and injured more. This created a fear of the subway for locals and added police patrols.