Disappointed Fans Slam Weekend One of Coachella

By: Margo Ogrosky & Roxie Jenkin

After multiple slip ups, people were disappointed in Coachella for disaster invite-only festivals and abrupt cancellations of livestreams. Coachella began on the weekend of April 14th. There were performances from more than 40 artists, including Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion, Daniel Caesar, Doja Cat, Girl In Red, and Conan Gray. With a great lineup, the disappointing future of the festival was unexpected.

One concern that many fans were bashing was when the performance of the duo, Laura Les and Dylan Brady of 100 gecs, was cut short. Crew members began removing their gear halfway through their song, “Money Machine”. The duo was only about halfway through their set claiming they had “a couple more” songs for the audience. As the sound abruptly cut out, Les and Brady retreated backstage as their fans chanted for them to return on stage and finish their set.

In person festival goers were disappointed about the scene as well. A lot of fans were upset after seeing that Travis Scott was able to perform at Coachella. After the tragedy of his Astroworld concert leaving 9 people dead, people were not expecting him to be one to kick off the festival. Concert goers also noticed the terrible conditions like lack of water stations and all of the garbage left on the ground after a night had ended.

Online viewers were also disappointed in the first weekend of Coachella. The awkward nature of the youtube hosts during live streams did not help that disappointment. One host was an “influencer” by the name of “the Therapy Gecko” who painted his face green and dressed up as a reptile. Some noticed that these interviews in between sets added nothing to the festival and the interviewees looked like they wanted to be anywhere else but that interview. Junior at BCC, Nina Allen, says that she feels that “Coachella summed up a lot of the criticisms of influencers and social media,” and that she “wasn’t surprised in the slightest but just disappointed especially in the lack of creativity that came out of the event”.