Fatal Plane Crash in Southern China

On Monday afternoon, a China Eastern Airlines jetliner crashed in the mountains of China's Southern Guangxi region. The plane was carrying 132 passengers. Rescue efforts are at the scene of the crash, but--as of today--there are no immediate details on the number of casualties.

Around 2:20pm, the “aircraft lost contact with emergency services before suddenly descending." In a span of just three minutes, the plane dropped from almost 30,000 feet to 4,375 feet.

When the plane crashed, investigators immediately were called to the scene but were unable to reach the scene due to lack of electricity, bad weather, and the site was only accessible through a narrow path.

Some have questioned the integrity and safety of the aircraft and Boeing; however, Boeing has built and employed nearly half of the world fleet with minimal incidents. Moreover, the jet that crashed on Monday was a different version of the 737 Max that rose to global news three years ago due to crashes and safety concerns.

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