‘Gangnam Style’ Singer PSY Criticised For His 300 Ton Water Concerts

By: Josie Abate, Caroline O’Brien, Kristine Roque, Alex Coulouris

South Korean superstar rapper, PSY, announced that for his “summer soak swag” concerts, he will require 300 tons of ‘drinkable’ water at each location amidst a drought in his home country. Over all 15 venues, this would use a total of 4,500 tons of water, the equivalent to the weight of around 900 elephants.This announcement has gone viral on social media, with concerns that he is wasting precious resources while South Korea is facing its agricultural and industrial drought.

After pictures were posted of one of the many dried-up streams in Sejong city caused by the long drought, those on Twitter have been especially quick to call out PSY’s excessive water usage. One user tweeted: "That's horrible. It's like the Marie Antoinette 'let them eat cake..' thing. If a drought has been declared in any part of the world, nobody should be using up that much water."

Despite the internet voicing much fret about the situation, PSY’s response to the situation seemed to beat around the bush; “We spend a lot to buy all that water,” he explained. “Each concert requires about 300 tons. We use the performance venue's water supplies as well as sprinkler trucks.” Although PSY is well aware of the situation, it seems that his “2022 Summer Soak Swag” shows will go on.