Hong Kong Allows International Travel For the 1st Time Since 2020

Hong Kong is now allowing non-residents of its city into the financial hub, for the first time since 2020.This comes after a drop in cases of 1000 this week from the previous 70,000 on March 3. The city is known as one of the “most isolated places,” due to the coronavirus pandemic, and this is the first of many steps to unravel the many Covid Restrictions.In addition, foreign travelers will be subject to the same restrictions as residents of the city.

Airplane restrictions such as a ban from flights coming from the US and UK have ended. Additionally, the rule of a week ban if there are 3 infected passengers has also been reduced, with it instead being a 5 day ban if there are 5 infections. The stringent COVID regulations have greatly impacted many people who had been outside the city when the pandemic started, with some still being unable to return home.

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