Maryland Legislation Expands Access to Abortion

This past Tuesday, Maryland’s state legislature approved a healthcare reform bill that would expand insurance coverage and funding towards reproductive and abortion care. This landmark bill ensures an annual $3.5 million dollars to fund trained medical physicians to perform an abortion. With the support from Adrienne Jones, the Maryland Speaker of the House, the bill passed in both the House and the Senate without major pushback, and is now on Governor Larry Hogan’s desk to officially be signed into law.

In recent years, abortion legislation has been severely restricted throughout many states, making the procedure stigmatized. While abortions in Maryland have always been legal, the news about this bill creates a sense of safety and respect among Maryland residents. Similar to Colarado’s abortion legislation recently, bills like this have been seen as a counteraction to states like Mississippi, Texas, and Florida, where laws entirely restrict abortion procedures.

“It’s good that Maryland is protecting women’s rights,” an anonymous B-CC classmate claimed in response to this bill.

Hope for the future is increasing with these comprehensive enactments in regards to upholding reproductive rights for women across the country.