MCPS Recognizes Growth in LGBTQ+ Curriculum in Schools

By: Brooke Morgan, Claire Wang, Will Hicks

In an effort to recognize awareness for LGBTQ+ the Montgomery County Public School system has dedicated more activities and curriculum opportunities in the district. One such event was the fourth annual Pride Town Hall at Walter Johnson High School. The event included a resource fair, and breakout discussions, as well as guest speaker Gavin Grimm, who was the plaintiff in the lawsuit case, Grimm vs. Gloucester County School Board.

The case followed Grimm, suing the Virginia school board for not allowing him to use the male restroom due to him being transgender. Also, a new LGBTQ+ studies class has been added to MCPS class options. This is a great step in the right direction as many states have moved towards phasing out LGBTQ+ talk in the classroom. A B-CC student says, “gay rights are valuable and should be given to everyone because everyone is a little bit gay.”