MOCO Seeks to Ban Vaping to all Residents Under 21

By Jason Greyer

WTOP recently reported that by next spring the Montgomery County Council will move forward in voting on legislation to ban all nicotine and vaping products to residents under 21 years old. The only exception is if you are currently serving in the military or armed forces.

The county council, additionally, passed a bill prohibiting any vape shops selling “flavored vaping products” to be within half a mile radius of any middle, private, or high schools, nor within half a mile of libraries or recreation centers.

Vape shop owners told WTOP that they don’t sell to minors and that it’s gas stations and large convenience store chains that are selling to underage buyers. One vape store owner said that his revenue was down 35% following previous anti-vape legislation, and he projects it will continue to go down once this new legislation is enacted.

“I think MOCO is absolutely going in the right direction!” says B-CC senior Zach Martel about the legislation. He also urges MOCO students to “#stop vaporizing,” in order to preserve their health in the long term.

B-CC senior Sam Lieppe sang a different tune. He disagrees with the legislation because it “hurts small business and will yield no real effect.”

As the legislation looks to start being implemented next spring, B-CC students should be aware of these new laws and especially vigilant of their vaping habits.

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