Plans To Reconstruct Freedom Plaza Initiates Protest

By: Rahma Wadood

A petition being spread around social media this past week highlights local support against “eliminating and replacing” Pennsylvania Avenue Freedom Plaza in the capitol. Freedom Plaza, renamed in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., holds history of the country and remains a site of tourism, live music, food, dance, and is described as a melting pot of culture. It is largely utilized in the skateboarding scene. Recently, The National Capital Planning Commission released a presentation that depicts visions and concepts to transform Pennsylvania Avenue, including the famous attraction, claiming to “eliminate and replace” it.

This has sparked disagreement within the DC Metropolitan Area; a petition has been spread around, garnering support from 8,000 people. There’s a goal of 10,000 people to sign the petition. B-CC Sophomore, Ronen Israel, frequently skateboards at Freedom Plaza. “It’s very unfortunate… [the NCPC is] going to be tearing down a place that people spend a lot of time at and it’s going to be tearing down an iconic spot for skateboarding culture in DC”, Ronan expresses.

The efficacy of the petition is still vague, but many hope for enough impact to abstain from abolishing the historic landmark.