Rams Agree to Resign Star Wide Receiver

By: Adam Niman

The Los Angeles Rams have resigned their star Wide Receiver, Cooper Kupp, to a three-year, 80 million dollar contract earlier this week.

Cooper Kupp shined last season, leading the NFL in receptions, yards and touchdowns. He also is now a Super Bowl champion, as well as the latest Super Bowl MVP. Kupp, who has been with the Los Angeles Rams his entire career, working his way through the ranks to become their number one receiving option in a very talented wide receiver corps.

Coming off their Super Bowl win, it is clear that the Rams have their eyes set on going back to back after keeping the heart of their team under contract for at least the next year.

Cooper Kupp has earned this contract and it will be exciting to see what he and the Rams can do in the upcoming season!