Rihanna Gives Birth To Baby Boy

By: Alex Coulouris, Josie Abate, Caroline O’Brien

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have finally welcomed their baby boy to the world on May 13th. Fans have been excited for the couple since they spotted Rihanna’s baby bump in paparazzi photos from January.

Vogue’s May magazine featured Rihanna on the cover, and discussed her relationship with the rapper and their child in the main cover story. Rihanna told Vogue that their journey to parenthood wasn't something they had planned for, but also wasn’t something they were opposed to. In 2020 she told British Vogue, “I know I will want to live differently… I’ll have kids – three or four of 'em." She didn’t waste any time in telling A$AP of the pregnancy, and was in the doctor’s office the very next morning.

Although motherhood might have been unexpected, Rihanna has fully embraced her new role and barely leaves his side. “She is a fantastic mom," a close friend told People Magazine. "She wanted to give birth in L.A. since she has a big house with a yard. She enjoys sitting outside with her baby."