St Peters shocks the world with their record-breaking run in March Madness

By: Logan Davis & Jax Khademi

St Peter's University is a private Jesuit college in Jersey City, New Jersey. Their men's basketball team, being a division 1 program, competes in the NCAA tournament in March (March Madness) every year. St. Peter’s University displayed three massive upsets against top schools including Kentucky, Murray State, and Purdue making it all the way to the Elite Eight. St. Peter’s University is home to around 2,400 students. St. Peter’s basketball only spends $250,000, meaning there facilities are much smaller and equipment are much older. St. Peter’s run in March Madness was absolutely the Cinderella story we were hoping for. Senior Lily Mcgowan states her feelings towards the March Madness events, “ Crazy upsets, my bracket is dogged, but I am happy for St. Peters.”