Vietnam bans Tom Holland’s ‘Uncharted’ due to controversial map

By: Caroline O’Brien and Kristine Roque

On Monday, Tom Holland’s recent action film ‘Uncharted’ was banned from Vietnam’s movie theaters due to a specific scene that sparked a flame of geographical controversy.

The scene revealed an “illegal image of the infamous nine-dash line,” which Vietnam took a serious offense to. The map showcased in the film shows that the disputed territories were China’s and not Vietnam’s. China’s nine-dash line is used on official Chinese maps, and displays where their claimed territories are located. The origins of the line can be traced back to the rise of the Chinese Nationalist Party in the early 20th century. However, controversies begin to come into play, as only one country’s terrains were shown, even though they both claimed the same regions.

Seeing China’s map was shown instead of Vietnam's, they are expected to bring in “about $15 million [for] the country,” which is “more than any Hollywood film has ever earned in Vietnam.” Although some may see this as an fluke on the studio’s part, others claim it was done knowingly by the producers and “was probably no accident.”